Grey LCD Standard Rigid Resin 1000g

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  • Affordable and Cost Effective for Beginners
  • High Precision
  • High Strength and Toughness
  • Strictly Selected Material, Low Odor

This is a one-time use product, it cannot be used repeatedly.

This material should not be in contact with eyes, skin or clothing. It should not be sallow. Use this product in good ventilation and take protective measures. Wash thoroughly after operation.

This is a liquid product with minor odor. Please wear a mask to avoid inhalation

Reseal immediately after usage and store at a dry and ventilated area. Do not expose under the sun

If inhaled by accident, hospitalize immediately

If contacted with skin, wash with soap and water or hospitalize immidiately

If contacted with eye by accident, open your eyelids and rinse soap water for 20  minutes and hospitalize immediately

If swallowed by accident, do not induce vomiting, stay calm and hospitalize immediately

Disposal of waste in accordance with local environmental regulations


Indoor storage in a dry ventilate place free from any corrosive gas, sun exposure or moisture. 1 Year shelf life.

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