HALOT-ONE: CL-60 Resin 3D Printer

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HALOT CL-60 Resin 3D Printer packed with useful features such as 120W Power Super spotlight NEW Light Source Structure, Wi-Fi connectivity allowing for one-click firmware updates, Linux operating System and Creality New Slicer, etc. And “HALOT One” is a mini version compare to the “HALOT sky” in print size & design.
NEW Light Source Structure: 120W Power Super spotlight. The self-developed integral light source, Precision light control
High agility slicing, Creality New Slicing System: A Simplified user interface and Easy Modeling function, and supports the parameter customized. High-stability Z-axis for high-quality printing.  Single linear rail +T type screw+coupling
WIFI-APP intelligent control. Supports Creality Cloud.
OTA online upgrade: New Firmware/new system. one-click upgrade. Get better experience in firmware upgrade
Smart Operation System -Linux: 64-bit 4-core CPU+GPU Mainboard supports the faster operation and greatly improves printing efficiency.
Great Operation Experience: Linux System For a better AI Experience, a 5-inch high definition colorful touch screen keep easy works.

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HALOT ONE: CL-60 Resin 3D Printer Parameters

Print size: 127*80*160mm

Engine noise: < 60dB

Lamps Quantity:  6 PCS

Filaments: 405nm wavelength, standard rigid resin, dental mold resin…

Auto-leveling: Machine Assisted manual leveling

Power Output: 24V, 1.3A; Power supply: 100W

Files Transfer:  USB

XY-axis precision: 0.01-0.05mm

UI style: Creality UI Style

 – Creality Halot One Printer Parameter Setting – Speed and Exposure time

– Halot Box Slicer Manual Supports